Travel Agency in San Gimignano Siena Tuscany - Special Days in Tuscany


Travelling with a Dream

Our Travel Agency consists of a team of travel experts based in Tuscany with several years of experience in the field of tourism in Italy. Our key features are a deep knowledge of our land and of all the agents involved in the local tourist market. We have a great passion for our region, and we are willing to offer it to the world as something that we are extremely pride of.


Tuscany is like a gemstone with many faces, which offers a variety of possibilities and experiences. For those who are attracted by the rural side of Tuscany, with its many ancient traditions, we can suggest farmhouse accommodation in order to experience the genuine country life, with its every day activities. Those seeking secluded accommodation in the relaxing silence of the Tuscan countryside, far from the noise and the stress of metropolis, will be probably more attracted by a private villa nestled in the verdant hills to soak up the peace and the tranquillity of the region. For those who are keen on art and culture, we may suggest apartments and hotels in the historical centres of many Tuscan town where there is easy access to Museums, Art Galleries, and Theatres.

Tuscan Wine tours

A visit to wineries is not only a short explanation of the producing methods followed by some wine tasting. It is a direct experience of a complex world which includes thousand of labels that may have different interpretations. It can be a big and famous producer, or a small one: in both cases visiting a winery means getting in touch with a person, finding out about the environment, the long traditions which are now supported by modern technology. Our tours are perfect for those who are making their first visit to a winery and for those who have already become acquainted with the world of wines.

Travel arrangements

Our Travel experts will make it easy for you to travel throughout Italy & Europe and make bookings for flights, trains, buses, ships, and private transfers. If you want to take your chance and visit the Old Continent, we can offer special trips to the main European Capitals. We can make reservations for special events and concerts throughout the country and suggest to you many different experiences of Italy.

Guided Tours

The wedding can be a wonderful occasion for sightseeing and enjoying the many attractions of Tuscany. We offer different types of guided tour of the main Tuscany art towns such as San Gimignano, Siena, Florence, Volterra, and Certaldo. Discover the roots of our history, and appreciate the local arts and crafts, typical products, farming and cooking. We the local people will be proud to lead you personally throughout our homeland, and to show you its historical and artistic treasures, but also the secrets and the most curious details of our region.


Thanks to our cooperation with the major tour operators in Italy, we can offer you full assistance for your wedding travel arrangements, and a wide range of romantic destinations in Italy and all over the world in the most charming hotels, luxury resorts, cruise ships… Please advise your dreamed destination or ask for our honeymoon suggestions!

Sport & Leisure Activities

During your stay in Tuscany there is no reason to renounce your favourite sport or to attempt a new sporting experience! Tuscany is the ideal place for sport activities that bring you into contact with nature and the local environment. Walking, cycling, mountain biking, horseback-riding, Nordic walking, ballooning, golf, spa, bird watching, fishing, rafting, diving… Tuscany will amaze you with lots of suggestions from visits to Natural Parks to open-air exhibitions of modern art.